At Willows we put in a huge amount of effort getting our coffee perfect. We start by buying from award winning supplier Matthew Algie. Our espresso is roasted to order, rushed to us the very next day and then must be used within three weeks. This is a little more difficult to manage, but we believe it helps make our coffee a memorable experience.

Our blend of espresso is Darwin which comes from Ethiopia, Peru and Honduras. The Ethiopian Sidamos are famous for flavours of jam and chocolate, but these beans can be over-shadowed if you’re not careful. They are medium roasted to treat them with a little TLC. The South American beans bring a smooth texture while the beans from Peru bring a sweetness, giving this espresso one of the best aromas around.

We use Tiki Coffee as our filter coffee which is an evenly-balanced coffee with each of the origins complementing one another nicely. The beans from Guatemala, Honduras and Peru are a bit like distant cousins. Together they produce a coffee with good body, good texture and overall a good crowd pleaser. The beans are medium roast to bring out the smoky notes in the aroma and the long intense aftertaste. All of our coffee is Organic, Fair-trade and Rainforest Alliance certified.

Fairtrade means the coffee farmers get a guaranteed minimum price, which covers the cost of sustainable production. An additional social premium is also paid to the growers to invest in their communities and improve living and working conditions.

Organically grown coffee means that farmers don’t use unnecessary chemicals and pesticides: good news for plants and animal life. It is also cost-effective for the farmers.

The Rainforest Alliance Certified seal of approval means that the coffee farmers look after the sensitive ecosystems where they live and work. Wildlife is protected, rivers are kept clean and natural resources are conserved.

Having the best beans won’t necessarily provide the best coffee – you also need squeaky clean equipment and highly-trained baristas. Our extensive training and quality checks ensure we get the best results from bean to cup every single time. If you ever find our coffee isn’t quite up to scratch we’ll replace it or give you a refund without any fuss.


Our Irish friends at Suki Tea supply us with 19 different blends of teas and fruit infusions ranging from Fair-trade Breakfast Tea to hand-rolled Jasmine Dragon Pearls. Served in Suki’s iconic tea pots on bamboo trays, the loose leaf tea really is . . . tea as it should be.

Other drinks

We’re not just about tea and coffee. We also stock an extensive wine list from Inverarity Vaults of Edinburgh. Inverarity have helped us choose a range of wines from around the world which match our light lunches and brasserie dinners. We also have a large range of cold drinks, including fruit smoothies and bottled soft drinks with many seasonal additions throughout the year.